Full Service

Are you tired of all of the administrative work involved in managing your practice?

Let us do it all for you!  Simply agree to pass through the Admin Service Fee paid by ACC for new clients:

Service includes:

  • Entering Purchase Orders (PO) into the CMS
  • Submitting invoices to ACC
  • Posting payments to the CMS
  • Following up with ACC about any unpaid claims
  • Following up with providers about errors and problems

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For Suppliers

  • Suppliers have access to billing reports
  • Suppliers can load PO’s and other relevant documents to client files
  • Existing clients can be imported into the CMS using CSV formatted files
  • Suppliers can import payment information so that providers know when and what has been paid

For Providers

  • Providers see only clients they are working with
  • Providers can see what approvals have been received and other relevant documentation
  • Providers can invoice and document each session
  • A document section includes copies of all ACC report templates and other resources


  • Simple and friendly interface designed by a clinician with clinicians in mind
  • All codes and prices are loaded into the system and updated as needed


  • A secure web-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Secure separate log in for each provider
  • Suppliers have a secure administrative login that allows for effective oversight and management


  • Personal training on how to use your CMS
  • Friendly phone support during business hours
  • Free email support